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  • UNLIMITED access to the video course until the end of the current interview season.
  • Step-by-step proven strategies to ace ANY interview question.
  • Identification of all 18 possible types of interview questions.
  • In-depth discussion and strategies for the dreaded multiple mini interview. 
  • Specific strategies to ace ALL possible types of MMI questions.
  • Discussion and strategies for panel/traditional interviews and the modified personal interviews.
  • Specific strategies to ace all possible types of panel and modified personal interviews.
  • Specific strategies to prepare in advance.
  • Proven stress management techniques.
  • Discussion of current events and major ethical principles. 
  • Here's an overview of each section in this 7-part video training series: 
  • Part 1: History & Rationale Of Professional School Interviews
  • Part 2: Different Types Of Interviews
  • Part 3: The Multiple Mini Interview
  • Part 4: What To Wear, How To Manage Stress, & What To Do Before Your Interview
  • Part 5: Current Events, Ethical Principles, Major Points of Debate, & Personal Questions
  • Part 6: How To Ace Different Types Of Interview Questions
  • Part 7: What To Do After Your Interview
  • Total time: 2 hours (~120 minutes) of instructions, tips, and strategies.
  • This video course is best suited for healthcare professional school applicants (e.g. Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Medical Residency, etc.)

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